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Years after her son's disappearance, a mother keeps trying to find him after an abduction that justice cannot solve while she is moving in a universe that wants to force her to forget the past and mourn a child she believes is still alive.


Director and Writer - Bruno Gascon

Producer - Joana Domingues | Caracol Studios

Cast - Ana Moreira | Miguel Borges | Vítor Norte 

Ana Cristina Oliveira | Sara Sampaio |  Tomás Alves 

Joana Ribeiro | Oksana Tkach | Ana Bustorff

Lúcia Moniz | Miguel Monteiro | Raimundo Cosme  

João Cabral | Mário Sá | Carlota Ladeiro

Kim Grygierzec

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"Shadow" is a powerful story about motherhood, love, strength, courage, and hope based on real facts, more precisely on Bruno Gascon's conversation with mothers of missing children, including Filomena Teixeira, mother of Rui Pedro, one of the best-known cases of a missing child in Portugal. The film successfully premiered at the Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival where it won two prizes: Critics Prize and Film-History Prize and was also selected for the Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Ischia Film Festival, Mastercard Off Camera, Réflects du Cinéma Iberique & Latino Américain, Raindance Film Festival (where Bruno Gascon was nominated for the Best Director Award and the actress Ana Moreira for the Best Performance Award) and is already invited to other festivals that will be announced shortly. "Shadow" premiered in Portugal on October 14, 2021, in 46 cinemas and is already the second most-watched Portuguese film of the year at this date and was also one of the films to be pre-selected to be Portuguese representative for the Oscars 2022. Until the moment the film has been sold to several different territories (USA, China, France, India, Latin America, South Korea, among others) and the expectations are that these sales may increase given the high international interest in the film

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