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A lorry, a road and an unpredictable destiny, all intersecting in a human trafficking network. Caught up in this web, Viktoriya has only one chance: fight to survive.


Director and Writer - Bruno Gascon

Producer - Joana Domingues | Caracol Studios

Cast - Michalina Olszanska | Vítor Norte | Dmitry Bogomolov | Rita Blanco | Sara Sampaio 

Miguel Borges | Ana Cristina Oliveira | Rui Porto Nunes 

Rui Luís Brás | Kim Grygierzec

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CARGA | Official International Trailer
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"Carga" is the first feature film by director Bruno Gascon and also the first film produced by Caracol Studios. Financed through private investment, the film premiered in Portugal with distribution by Caracol and was one of the 5 most watched Portuguese films of 2018. With good box office results in Portugal, good reviews and sales to 30 countries (among which the USA, Poland, Latam, Germany, France, Canada, among others), the film was selected and awarded at some international film festivals and also in Portugal.

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